How to Open Startup Programs Folder in Windows 10

Startup programs are the application which initiates when window starts. There are number of applications which starts when the window starts and these applications can be seen through the task manager but if you want to locate the startup folder then there are number of options for that also, as you can easily locate and view the startup folder and easily access it. Here we will be discussing the number of available options for a user to easily locate and access the startup folder in windows 10.

Option 1: Using search menu.

Start menu

Here in the search menu if you search for the windows startup then it will gives you as same shown above, in this option you can click over it which will redirect you to :

Task manager

It will simply redirect you to the task manager window in which you can easily access the startup applications as here you can easily have a view of all the applications in the task manager.

Option 2: Using Run Window

Open Run window using Window + R

Run window

Enter the same command shown in the image and then click OK. By clicking OK you will be redirected to the startup folder of the user.

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User startup folder

Run window will redirect you to the startup folder when you enter that specific command and if you want to access the common startup folder then see the next option.

Option 3: Open common windows startup folder.

Follow the same step to open Run window using Window + R.

run window

Enter the same command and then press enter, this will simply redirect you to the:

Common startup folder

This is the common windows startup program folder for all the user account in this pc. As you can get access to each application and also locate these folders easily.

These are the number of options which can be used to locate and view the windows startup folder having the number of applications which needs to be managed time to time as they may affect the processing of the system.

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